Small steps for an entrepreneur

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May 29, 2011 by David Miller

Well, another week down in the life of an emerging entrepreneur!

I had a great meeting with a friend who works in political circles, and another with a fabulous new start up company called who have built a powerful cloud based food safety management platform. The software is incredibly impressive to a layman like myself and both Philip and George  (COO and CEO respectively) were very generous in their time and advice to me on the process of starting up in the cloud based environment. Fantastic to see a small Irish cloud based company punching their weight at the highest of international standards and raising international standards on food compliance. Definitely a company to watch.

An exciting week ahead – am hoping to meet with the Wicklow County Enterprise Board to discuss what support if any they might be able to give me as I explore the concept of developing a cloud based software tool. I’ve heard criticism about the lack of joined up thinking in terms of funding support from state agencies, so let’s see…

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