#DWS7 Tweet Diary Day 1 by @DavidEBMiller

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October 28, 2011 by David Miller

#DWS7 Tweet Diary Day 1 by @DavidEBMiller 

Thanks to: @Colmlyon@petercoppinger, Tristan Nitot of mozilla.org, @joshholmes@shingy, Joe Fernandez of @klout, Alan Coleman of @OnlineAdvert@paddycosgrave@TonyW GM Twitter UK, @nickbilton Lead Tech Writer NYT, @benparr Mashable, @Vocalytics@mickbirch@davemcclure@guardiantech@benjroone@Werner CTO Amazon, Mikael Hed of @AngryBirds

  • @Colmlyon during #DWS7 start-up talk: Look for differentiation on the product: market, capabilities, product positioning
  • @Colmlyon during #DWS7 start-up talk: don’t think ‘IT’ – think ‘product’. Put innovation @ company core – 9 week cycles – bit by bit
  • Listening to @petercoppinger at #DWS7 and 3 year journey to 7 figure sales. His advice for a start-up? Keep the Day Job; Think BIG
  • Listening to @petercoppinger at #DWS7: don’t be afraid to Pick a Fight in the market = motivate to outdo all competition. Don’t be Afraid.
  • Listening to @petercoppinger at #DWS7: Launch ASAP. Don’t wait for perfection. Have feedback system from Day 1. Refine, refactor, rebuid
  • Listening to @petercoppinger at #DWS7: Have a Staging Server (that’s the 2nd time I’ve heard that advice in 2 days from separate sources).
  • Listening to @petercoppinger at #DWS7: Secret Sauce: Hard work & use your own product. Great presentation, best of the a.m.
  • #DWS7 Tristan Nitot mozilla.org… Not a company but a non-profit org. Breaking monopoly & restoring browser market innovation.
  • #DWS7 Tristan Nitot mozilla.org… VISION: empowering individuals with USER SOVEREIGNTY & DIGNITY. Creation not just consumption.
  • #DWS7 Tristan Nitot mozilla.org:’ If You’re Not Paying, You’re the PRODUCT, NOT Customer. U pay with lack of privacy & data control
  • #DWS7 Tristan Nitot mozilla.org: gotta say there’s something in what he says…elephant in the room (my words) of Big Brother Web
  • #DWS7 Tristan Nitot mozilla.org: Challenging power of Apple in US 2 CENSOR legal German magazine publications… Open Web Appstore
  • @joshholmes #DWS7 Josh Holmes, 4 Microsoft: INSIDE the box= existing customers/tech. OUTSIDE the box= new markets, new offering, new opps
  • Visit the team from @safefood360‘s stand at #DWS7 – they’ve an exciting start-up cloud journey worth watching
  • @joshholmes #DWS7 Josh Holmes, 4 Microsoft: ACT. Think Big. Resources will come if the idea is good.
  • Listening to Joe Fernandez of @klout at #DWS7. Data on 100M people. Mission: To Empower People to Understand & Leverage their Influence
  • Listening to Joe Fernandez of @klout at #DWS7: web shift from PAGE-centric 2 PEOPLE-centric. Users: Consumers, Brands, Products.
  • Listening to Joe Fernandez of @klout at #DWS7: 1. Influencers. 2. Reach. 3. Page Impressions. Let your ADVOCATES tell your story.
  • OK #DWS7 Alan Coleman of @OnlineAdvert: FaceBook Gr8 for genr8ting Influence rather than direct responses.
  • #DWS7 Alan Coleman of @OnlineAdvert on Facebook: 1. Message. 2. Audience. 3. Payment. Then: target audience based on Status Updates.
  • #DWS7 Alan Coleman of @OnlineAdvert on Facebook: refine: geography, gender, status etc. Define budget per day. Bid aggressive 4 Click Thrus
  • #DWS7 Alan Coleman of @OnlineAdvert on LinkedIn: LI Ads on RH-side based on personal prefs. B2B. Gr8 4 Direct Respnse.Clicks on LI 10x€ v FB
  • #DWS7@OnlineAdvert 4 x top tips: 1. Play around with yr TARGETING options 2. REFRESH ADS monthly 3. TRACK sales 4.Re-TARGET
  • @shingy of AOL at #DWS7: Contrived in Yr Face Advertising DOES NOT work. Social, Synidcation & Search v Important. Need to provide UTILITY
  • @shingy of AOL at #DWS7: Changed Marketing Lanscape. NOISE -v- useful CONTENT. Not Clix but DWELL TIME, ATTENTION. Location x 3.
  • @shingy of AOL at #DWS7: Gr8 PARTNERSHIP content gets passed around. SOCIAL media now prime OFFLINE (bumper purchases back to social media)
  • @shingy of AOL #DWS7: 50% of humans r sub-30 and have had INTERNET whole life. CAUSE marketing. Pepsi opt out Super Bowl ads re-direct 2 web
  • @shingy of AOL #DWS7: What next? 1. Away from CAMPAIGNS to CONVERSTATIONS. from CHATTER to CONVERSATIONS. 2. 2nd Screen Companions.
  • @shingy of AOL #DWS7: What next? cont… 3. Curation Culture (so much on web, so hard2find [Pandora, Spotify]. 4. Mobile Merits
  • @shingy of AOL #DWS7: What next? cont…5. Forecasting (what I did b4, doing now, doing next?). 6. Focus on Explorers 2 amplify 2 bell curve
  • @shingy of AOL #DWS7: What next? cont.. 7. Post Digital=Physical. SPENDING TIME ONLINE to ENRICH YR OFFLINE LIFE (not vice versa). Gr8stuff!
  • @shingy of AOL #DWS7: cont.. 8. Remix culture /rite people/harness pre-existing commnties / TALK / aim high / PRODUCER&CONSUMER co-CREATE
  • @TonyW GM Twitter UK #DWS7: WHY IRELAND? 1. Users 2. Talent pool 3. Resources. 4. Friendliness!! Brand marketers use Twitter v well.
  • @TonyW GM Twitter UK #DWS7: Product Distinction: the ONE WAY follow (i.e. NOT mutual relationships). Based on INTEREST outside of tradSocial
  • @TonyW GM Twitter UK #DWS7:Brands LAUNCHING products live on Twitter. Creativity. Watching that CONTENT is hi-quality.
  • @TonyW GM Twitter UK #DWS7: KEY WORD TARGETED Tweets on specifc brand THEME HUGELY successful. [Good interviewing by @paddycosgrave]
  • #DWS7 Ronan Harris of Google Sales: 1. 2,000 e/yed in ROI. 2. Online Sales&Ops=main part 3. Users Support / Publisher Network / Advertisers
  • #DWS7 Ronan Harris of Google Sales: Perhaps we weren’t pro-active enough in the local Irish market [good acknowledgment]. Being found online
  • @nickbilton Lead Tech Writer New York TImes #DWS7: The Hyper Personalization of Everything. Gr8 video use – mobile devices4 news consumption
  • @nickbilton Lead Tech Writer NYT #DWS7: Smart Content. Paper 2.0 (from hard backed devices to 100% FLEXIBLE digital paper like devices)
  • @OnlineAdvert Yes Alan, using FB conversations 2 guide brides &grooms/newly engageds 2 r site where we link them 2 Irish wedding suppliers
  • @nickbilton Lead Tech Writer NYT #DWS7: Not paying SOLELY for content but also USER EXPERIENCE. That’s y papers STILL have a place
  • @nickbilton Lead Tech Writer NYT #DWS7: The goal? CREATING COMMUNITY on social networks… becoming part of the conversation
  • #DWS7 Facebook’s Ethan Beard: the difference between FB ‘(beta) Timeline’ -v- current FB Profiles. FB: users 2 control all info sharing
  • @benparr #DWS7 Mashable editor mashable.com: A good pitch? An intro from a good friend/investor. Short. Y doing. Y u shd care.
  • @petercoppinger Hi Peter just to say that I felt yr presentation today was the best of the morning’s DWS pitches, V useful 4 a start up
  • @davemcclure #DWS7 spot on with some of his trend spotting… Not a man afraid to give his views!
  • #dws7 Rovio’s CEO Mikael Hed of @AngryBirds: singles biggest lesson 4 start ups: KEEP AT IT; failure also = opportunity
  • #dws7 Rovio’s CEO Mikael Hed of @AngryBirds: the App store enabled seamless portable entertainment device (b4? hard purchase; then download)

Bring On #DWS Day 2

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