Smart Tools for Guarding Kids from Online Dangers

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May 10, 2012 by David Miller

I stumbled on Twitter the other day across this great company @uKnowKids, in the USA, who help parents manage the social media across their children’s various networking platforms (Facebook, Twitter etc).

Or, as their blurb puts it:

empowers parents with smart tools to keep their kids safe from the greatest digital dangers including online predators, sexting and cyberbullying

I really liked the imagery of the ‘family phone’ in the kitchen, that they reference in their video (below):

Growing up I remember we had one almost exactly like that; communication was much more transparent.

It’s not about harking back to the ways of the past, but it IS about ‘wising up’ to the ways of the present, and increasing communication in families where there are now so many ‘back-channel’ lines of communication with your children that, as a parent, you could be (and probably are) completely oblivious to.

After I watched the clip I got in touch with the uKnowKids team to tell them what a good job I thought they were doing, they sent me an invitational code for the first 50 readers of my blog to sign up and get a free 60 day trial. So, here’s the code: A014546 and here’s the website.

After all, kids are kids be it in Ireland or the United States of America or العالم العربي‎ and, with the way that our world (and our children’s world) is decreasing in size as social networks open up, the more we can learn from each other around the different ways to protect our kids (while still giving them the freedom to explore, take risks and learn from their mistakes) the better.

FYI, I don’t get any commission or payment for reviewing this service, though the uKnowKids team have said they might link to my blog from theirs, which would be fun.

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