DCU @TechSpectations: Get Mobile 2012 (#GetMobile12)

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December 5, 2012 by David Miller

DCU TechSpectations: Get Mobile 2012


So today I had the pleasure of attending Dublin City University (DCU)’s @techspectations event showcasing the trends and and movements making waves in the mobile space in 2012 – and into 2013. A good buddy of mine, Dave Kelly, CEO Jamworld Technologies, had invited me along. Dave and his team are developing an online community and social network to provide a suite of marketing tools for amateur musicians (currently being trialled at their test site http://www.mp3unsigned.com/. It’s awesome, and you should check it out if you’re halfway interested in making music with your buddies).

@Techspectations crowd

This was the blurb about the day (now running in its 3rd year):

Get Mobile 2012 features presentations and panel discussion covering the whole mobile marketing spectrum. Topics covered included: mobile app evelopment, and mobile payments solutions to mobile medical technologies.

The hashtag was:


Basically Dr Theo Lynn kicked off the introductions; then there were some speakers (Dominic Muldoon from Puca, Eoin Cruise from Nokia, then Patrick Ward from Microsoft Windows 8), followed by an App Expo (and coffee break), wrapping up with a detailed 6 panel member discussion, and an end talk by Australian diagnostic health entrepreneur Johnny Walker.

The following are my notes from the day, hope you benefit from them as much as I did sitting in the audience! Feel free to share!

Mobile market = huge opportunity for Ireland

Dr Theo Lynn


Theo is a senior lecturer in Management at DCU Business School. He is currently leading research at the Irish Centre for Cloud Computing and Commerce, an Enterprise Ireland/IDA funded industry-led research centre located at Dublin City University. Theo also directs the Techspectations digital marketing and e-business initiative.

Panel Chair:
 Eric Weaver: Senior VP, Social Strategy & Intelligence, IPG Mediabrands)

Eric has spent the last 21 years helping some of the biggest brands on the planet innovate through digital and social marketing. In 1991, he started as a community manager for America Online, and then moved on to build some of the very first online communities, websites, ad servers, content management systems & enterprise social networks. These days, Eric counsels the Fortune 500 on operationalizing social across Marketing, PR, Guest Relations/Customer Care, Ops, Training and HR.

Chair: Eric Weaver: Senior VP, Social Strategy & Intelligence, IPG Mediabrands):  Joe Drumgoole (VP Product Management, FeedHenry)  James Howell (Operator Channel Lead, Microsoft)  Michael Barr (CTO JamPot Technologies (the App Builder)  Conor Winders (CEO, Redwind Software)  Sylvia McDermott (Mobile Manager, Paddy Power)  Eric Weaver: (Senior VP, Social Strategy & Intelligence, IPG Mediabrands)  Johnny Walker (Founder & Chairman, Global Diagnostics)

 Eoin Cruise (Head of sales and marketing, Nokia Ireland)


Patrick Ward (Windows Business Group lead)

 Patrick has a first class honours MBA with a consistent track record of high performance across multiple sectors in several countries. Patrick is a respected people manager with 15+ years’ experience of product marketing, project and programme management, brand management and agency & vendor selection

Patrick Ward

Louise Phelan (VP Global Operations EMEA, PayPal: Mobile Shopping & Payments)

Louise is the Vice President of Global Operations EMEA at PayPal.


Dominic Muldon (Business Development/Sales Strategy & Execution, Puca)

Dominic is a business development and sales professional. With national and international experience Dominic focuses on the creation and execution of sales and business development strategies for Mobile/IT/Software and digital media companies.


Joe Drumgoole (VP Product Management, FeedHenry)

Joe is VP of Product Management at FeedHenry.com an Irish Startup focused on integrating mobile apps and cloud technology.

He is a software entrepreneur with over 25 years experience of successful product delivery at Digital Equipment Corporation, Nomura, Oracle Corporation, CR2 and Cape Clear Software.

Joe Drumgoole

James Howell (Operator Channel Lead, Microsoft).

James has worked in Mobile Telecommunications and Hi- Tech sector for 15 years in both International and domestic markets. James joined Microsoft Ireland in November 2011 as Head of Operator Channels with responsibility for all Microsoft B2C and B2B products sold through our operator partners, such as Windows Phone, Windows, Xbox and cloud services.

James Howelll

Michael Barr (CTO JamPot Technologies (the App Builder).

Michael is the Chief Technology Officer of JamPot Technologies, the company which has revolutionised the app creation industry with its self-service app builder product, TheAppBuilder. Michael and his team have delivered to the market an online service which enables consumers, groups, SME’s and large enterprises to rapidly and easily create their own cross platform mobile apps and publish these for free.

Michael’s career to date has spanned 15 years and covered all the major aspects of software and web development, including lecturing on the subject. In recent years he has focussed on leading-edge mobile app development, exploring advanced features such as augmented reality and cross platform technologies.

Michael Barr

Conor Winders (CEO, Redwind Software)

Co-founder, owner and CEO at Redwind Software. Redwind Software Providers Ltd. (est. 2008) is a multi award winning independent games and software development studio based in Dublin, Ireland.

Conor Winders

Sylvie McDermott (Mobile Manager, Paddy Power)Sylvie McDermott

Johnny Walker (Founder & Chairman, Global Diagnostics)

Johnny is a medical entrepreneur and clinically active dual qualified Radiologist and Nuclear Physician. He is an Australian medical graduate and a Fellow of The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists. Johnny founded Imaging The South Group (Western Australia) in 1995 and Global Diagnostics (UK) in 2001.

Johnny remains clinically active on a daily basis. He is the leader of clinical governance and operational excellence that permits the delivery of the radiology service around the clock and around the world 24/7.


Dominic Muldon (Business Development/Sales Strategy & Execution, Puca)


  • Alexander Graham Bell – 1876 – networking through the telephone
  • 1983 Motorola DynaTec – first commercial mobile call
  • Change on it way – GoogleGlasses
  • SMS 20 year anniversary
  • Mobile has 91% global penetration
  • 6.4BM mobile subscribers
  • 90 seconds for the average person to respond to an SMS
  • Mobile as a multi-channel deveice
  • Inventory brands where you can place your content: Irish Time, RTE, O2, Business Post, Spose, BBC News,
  • Formats: SMS, banner, in-app, in-game, ideo, search, push
  • If pushing people to a site, rule No.1 = ensure your site is ready for differnent devices to avoid sub-standard customer experience
  • Moble search: very high conversion rates on local search perspective – let ME as an SME find you
  • 2011 MindSearch research: more SMS than calls (just) made on the mobile
  • Bulmers – took 10Million products with individual codes – SMS, mobile app, competition – SMS slightly higher entry pathway than the app
  • Location based Mesaging: o2
  • 21% of people changing their purchasing decisions based on information received on the mobile
  • Mobile couponing
  • Full spectrum of brand connection with the consumer – but put mobile in the middle
  • Be device Ready
  • There’s an audience
  • Use simple tools first
  • Integrate with other media
  • Measure/go again

Eoin Cruise (Head of sales and marketing, Nokia Ireland)

The following were Eoin’s headline points from his impressive presentation:



  • Went from in-house Symbian and MeeGo devices to Windows Phone (contrary to belief that wd go with Android) – this was revolutionary in the company.
  • No longer developing software – tweaking Microsoft’s software
  • 4 employees in Nokia Ireland – used to be 17. So very tight relationship with partners now
  • Emphasis on innovation
  • Nokia Lumia
  • Nokia 920
  • Wireless charging covers – innovation – look very good
  • Microsoft office

Patrick Ward (Windows Business Group lead)


Patrick Ward

  • Windows Phone 8 & Windows 8
  • Most fundamental redesign of the Windows Product since Windows 95 20 years ago.
  • Live demo
  • Full PC on a tablet: no longer have to choose between full power of a PC and the utility of a tablet (consumption)
  • Windows 8 that choice fundamentally changes “full powered PC on a tablet”. The change from Windows 7:
  1. Touch
  2. Apps
  3. User experience transformed
  • Picture Password: 3 unique finger strokes to open. (Very impressive).
  • Start Screen access to ‘Live Tiles’ accessing relevant information without accessing the apps.
  • People section: followers and friends.
  • Aggregates all of contacts posts on social media.
  • Music store with 13 million songs
  • SkyDrive = 7 GB of free storage on the cloud
  • Common look and feel for Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, X-Box.
  • SkyDrive – store information, transfer to desktop app, drag and drop, automatic syncing
  • Networking issues but a terrific presentation.

App expo

Louise Phelan (VP Global Operations EMEA, PayPal: Mobile Shopping & Payments)



  1. Trends and date on mobile shoppers
  2. Changing face of retail
  3. Mobile payments to drive sales

Trends and date on mobile shoppers

1,850 in Blanch, 300 in Dundalk, support all EMEA out of Ireland. Creating opportunities for Irish students.

2nd and 3rd screen. In US 55% own a smartphone; 19% own a tablet.

4 our of 5 users access retail thru a smartphone

40% of users have made a PURCHASE thru smartphone.

Impact of the growth: €4bN in 2011; €10Bn in 2012.

23 million regularly using PayPal via mobile devices.

What people are buying on mobile

  1. 46% digitlal goods
  2. 37% clothing
  3. 35% Tickets

Mobile app vs browser NOT an “either/or” choice. Whatever suits your business.

Mobile shopping: tablet v phone.

Tablet: home, shared, better interaction, average spending $80 v $ 60 on mobile.

What holds mobile back?

Security (“it’s not secure”)

Convenience (“I prefer to shop in person”)

Usability (“screen’s too small”)

But they create surmountable OPPORTUNITIES.

 Changing face of retail

Cross-channel sales: The big call-out: 44% of total retail sales will be impacted by the web in 2016

34% of people start on one device… and finish on another

  • Phone to desktop 44%
  • Tablet to Desktop 49%
  • Desktop to bricks and mortar 74%

Bricks and Mortar

Challenges for bricks and mortar

  • 52% of smartphones used in the store.
  • 21% are comparing prices
  • 34% of mobile buyers BOUGHT ON THEIR DEVICE while ACTUALLY in the retail store

Evolving your Customer Experience


= visiting a bricks and mortar store…  but then BUYING IT ONLINE

60% of ‘showroomers’ (yes, this is now apparently a word) planned to purchase at the store… BUT CHANGED THEIR MIND in-store and bought online 

How to engage customers: Giving them Choiceimgres-19

  1. Personalised web promotions
  2. Social media campaigns
  3. QR code promotions
  4. Geo-Fenceing Relevant Locatoins
  5. Targetted emails based on your activities as a mobile shopper

Mobile Payments

Mobile Payments to Drive Sales

Payments are vital to capturing mobile shopping opportunities



“two clicks and you’re done”


What are Mobile Payments

  • Via a retailer app
  • Check in- solutions
  • Emerging Point of Sale solutions/technologies
  • (Mobile Wallet / Check-in ? In-store scan)
  • Query: Cyber Monday (incorrect assumption made that everyone knows what this is)
  • In the US: Swipe on the top of the phone/tablet to make a payment.
  • Huge opportunity for SMEs like tradespeople.

Let Shopping Drive Payment

Acquisition – conversion – retention.

  • Acquisition : Demand generation – Mobile Engagement
  • Conversion : Local Search – Purchase Facilitation
  • Mobile Engagement : Payment & Loyalty.
  • Reducing steps for shopping.
  • Mobile check out to optimized flows through optimized brower flow. Getting the best fit for the product.
  • QR Code Shopping: increasing level of consumer convenience
  • WiFi enabled QR code shopping (Singapore)
  • Multi-Channel Shopping: Do the search, pay ,pick-up in store
  • Check-in slides

7 Key TakeAways

  1. A mobile optimized site: mobile gateway to retail/e-commerce experience
  2. App tablet strategy: encourage loyalty
  3. Search strategy is distinct for mobile: impulse buyers should choose YOU
  4. Popele use phone in sotre: use of QR codes in store
  5. Implement geo targets for ads and SMS offers: reach customers at point of intent
  6. Simplify your mobile payment process: using a trusted provider to ensure the on-device sale
  7. Use payments to build customer engagement and personalization.

Panel Discussion

Chair: Eric Weaver: Senior VP, Social Strategy & Intelligence, IPG Mediabrands)

Joe Drumgoole (VP Product Management, FeedHenry)

James Howell (Operator Channel Lead, Microsoft)

Michael Barr (CTO JamPot Technologies (the App Builder)

Conor Winders (CEO, Redwind Software)

Sylvie McDermott (Mobile Manager, Paddy Power)

Eric Weaver: (Senior VP, Social Strategy & Intelligence, IPG Mediabrands):


Your view on mobile apps today?


Joe Drumgoole (VP Product Management, FeedHenry):Irish trends – good microcosm for enterprise led mobile apps globally. 2010 businesses woke up to moble apps. 2011 woke up to a strategy. 2012 and going forward: connecting everything we used to do with what we want to do in the future.

Conor Winders (CEO, Redwind Software): Agreed. Companies want today to do REAL business on their app now (not just for having an app’s sake).

Sylvie McDermott (Mobile Manager, Paddy Power): 40% of Paddy Power customers now engage on mobile: it’s e-commerce

Michael Barr (CTO JamPot Technologies (the App Builder): the 2nd screen is creating use for expandable mult-platform experience. Localisation (relevant and local content) on phones and increasingly tablets on iPad mini and Windows Tablets.

James Howell (Operator Channel Lead, Microsoft): enterprise mobility is now key, developing apps to

Next Q:

Eric Weaver: Senior VP, Social Strategy & Intelligence, IPG Mediabrands)

Are consumers reacting differently to pace of change?


Michael Barr (CTO JamPot Technologies (the App Builder): Ireland as a whole is taking off in the development pathway, is at least comparable to the West Coast of America. Believe that the best technology can come out of Ireland.

Conor Winders (CEO, Redwind Software): Agreed. Regularly deal with US clients looking for Irish talent. But often see that US companies have the ambition and budgets to contract for highest level quality of work, those budgets less common in Ireland.

Joe Drumgoole (VP Product Management, FeedHenry):  very rapid uptake of smartphones. Huge number per capita in country of app development companies. But you have to go overseas to expand.

Next Question; Eric Weaver: Senior VP, Social Strategy & Intelligence, IPG Mediabrands):

What’s the most amazing app you’ve seen in 2012?


Sylvie McDermott (Mobile Manager, Paddy Power): To Do List, native, exciting, colourful, gesture-lead).  Fabulous apps are sticky.

Conor Winders (CEO, Redwind Software): Hailo taxi app is a very good customer. Disruptive, easy to use etc.  Also SkyPlus app, controlling TV with gestures, flipping into different channesl on your tablet while watching other channels on the TV. Using relatively old technologies (sky plus boxes) with newer methods.

Conor Winders (CEO, Redwind Software): stole my thunder! SkyPlus too. Taken it to a whole new level. The test is: what’s on your home screen, what app cd you not live without? Tune In Radio was another one. From productivity point of view: Skype app. Also the NetFlix app now.

James Howell (Operator Channel Lead, Microsoft): I’m a golfer, golfing apps, People App hub on the Windows 8 experience: gives me insight into all my contacts and what’s going on.

Joe Drumgoole (VP Product Management, FeedHenry): 3 apps I’ve seen that impress this year. WordLens: translation app by holding app up to foreign language. Not perfect but good enough to be useful. Also: Glimpse: sharing location. EverPix: best ever photo sharing on mobile devices and the web. All talk about linking the cloud and the mobile deveice, use a camera and geo-location and a sensor device at your fingertips. Tip of the iceberg.

Eric Weaver: Senior VP, Social Strategy & Intelligence, IPG Mediabrands): Loves EverNote on any device.

Next Q: Eric Weaver: Senior VP, Social Strategy & Intelligence, IPG Mediabrands):

What’ll be the impact of Windows 8 – is it transformational?

Windows 9

Michael Barr (CTO JamPot Technologies (the App Builder): not totally new but what they’ve done is make the end delivery easier to share, UI is similar across devices, can share blocks of back-end code more easily. Microsoft good at helping developers develop: Visual Studio particularly.

Eric Weaver: (Senior VP, Social Strategy & Intelligence, IPG Mediabrands): does it save time?

Michael Barr (CTO JamPot Technologies (the App Builder): yes, lots of built in code. Some developers prefer to start from the blank canvas. I prefer it, allows for speed and agility in the development environment.

Eric Weaver (Senior VP, Social Strategy & Intelligence, IPG Mediabrands)

James Howell (Operator Channel Lead, Microsoft): allows developers to go after more of a mass market, in the context of a historically more challenged phone market. 700M Windows 7 licences out there. Much more of an addressable market.

Eric Weaver (Senior VP, Social Strategy & Intelligence, IPG Mediabrands):

Do you think ‘surface’ will help MS grow market share?


James Howell (Operator Channel Lead, Microsoft): huge interest in it, hasn’t yet landed in Ireland, do think it will change the whole ecosystem, creates more of a compelling proposition across tables and phones.

Michael Barr (CTO JamPot Technologies (the App Builder): MicroSoft have been clever allow C sharp, XML, C++,  HTML/CSS – allows for flexibility of developer languages.

Conor Winders (CEO, Redwind Software): what’ll be interesting is to see what developers use on Windows 8 and on newer versions of Visual Studio. Developers must embrace the technology.

Sylvie McDermott (Mobile Manager, Paddy Power): … and the demand will come from large companies like Paddy Power. We would love to see a company challenge Apple and Google (iOs and Android) and seeing Windows with their credentials would be very exciting. It’s very early to take a decision at this stage.

Joe Drumgoole (VP Product Management, FeedHenry): iPhone has 75% market share, fill out the market share with Android. Will be a THIRD player, not going to be RIM, so it has to be Microsoft. Done smart thing by standardizing button layouts, UI, now it’s a slog to increase to 10% market share to put up a challenge to a developer. The economics have to be there for a developer to make it worthwhile.

Next Q: Eric Weaver (Senior VP, Social Strategy & Intelligence, IPG Mediabrands):

So do you believe the market reports that say Windows 8 could get to 15%?

Joe Drumgoole (VP Product Management, FeedHenry): Yes.

Eric Weaver (Senior VP, Social Strategy & Intelligence, IPG Mediabrands): Can Windows Mobile help  them get the market share?

James Howell (Operator Channel Lead, Microsoft): 12 months not sure what would have said. Apple have done an unbelievable job. But industry needs a 3rd system. Apple very focussed on the operators-based subsidies. Windows phone success. Apple have increased B2B market share so MS needs to go after it. Big issues to do with Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD). Windows provides the bridge across multiple device brands. Going to finish the year with 7% market share – need to hit 10% to get a proper seat at the table to talk with commercial operators. Retail and the stores is key to evangelization of the product. Comes down to an out and out Apple fan doing the selling selling Apple to an Android customer. Operators  are now ASKING for a Windows phone as they understand the connected experience across devices, X Box, tablet, phone. Windows phone affordability price point. Hit 10% mid 2013.

Joe Drumgoole (VP Product Management, FeedHenry): enterprise deals are universally selecting Android over Apple due price. End of. Cheaper. Lots of opportunities in the consumer base. 6 or 7 years ago everyone had Nokia. Now hardly any one does. Cd be a new company not Apple in 5 years.

Conor Winders (CEO, Redwind Software): No. I don’t believe Microsoft will get to the 10%. I tried using Windows 7, didn’t work. Not a fan of Android but it worked. Microsoft have to overcome the reluctance of sales staff in the stores pushing Microsoft.

Sylvie McDermott (Mobile Manager, Paddy Power): if Microsoft going after Android: it’s all about the Apps now. Google struggling around the App store. Microsoft will have to make it easy for companies to have a superb app to tempt consumers to move from iOs and Android.

James Howell (Operator Channel Lead, Microsoft): early stage at the moment, but from where we’ve come from, happy with where we’re at at this stage. Accelerating app development. If you want Microsoft Office or X Box on your iPhone, then choose Microsoft. Having 700,000 apps in the market place doesn’t mean you have a better market place. It’s about the quality of the market place not the size.

Michael Barr (CTO JamPot Technologies (the App Builder): I used the old Windows phone before iPhone came along. At the time it was a game-changer. Apple has to be careful about being perceived as arrogant. No massive game changers.

Eric Weaver (Senior VP, Social Strategy & Intelligence, IPG Mediabrands):

Has the loss of Steve Jobs affected Apple’s innovation product line?

Steve Jobs

Straw poll of audience: some yes; most don’t care.

Michael Barr (CTO JamPot Technologies (the App Builder): yes.

Next Q: Eric Weaver: Senior VP, Social Strategy & Intelligence, IPG Mediabrands):

What career advice would you give to the students here today?

Michael Barr (CTO JamPot Technologies (the App Builder): be coding language agnostic. Try them all and then settle on what you enjoy writing best.

Conor Winders (CEO, Redwind Software): make something, and release it. Never been easier. We always end up employing people who’ve built and released.

Sylvie McDermott (Mobile Manager, Paddy Power): we’re only starting now in Mobile. Payment, security – get your basics right. It’s a fabulous place to be.

James Howell (Operator Channel Lead, Microsoft): understand telecoms, they’re MS’s big partners.

Joe Drumgoole (VP Product Management, FeedHenry): start up a company. No correlation between age and entrepreneurship. It’s the best way to learn about business. Even if you don’t success doesn’t matter. Cash sacrifice is much harder in your mid 30s. Now is the time to do it not tomorrow. Paddy Houligan started in 2nd year of college.

At this stage the excellent Panel Discussion concluded, with a final presentation from

Johnny Walker (Founder & Chairman, Global Diagnostics Ltd)


Global Diagnostics Ltd


A Medical Mobile Entrepreneurial Experience … an International Journey: Dare to Dream! www.healthfounders.com

Using mobile technologies to transform part of health.
A stethoscope

  • Background: father was a country GP
  • Had a stethoscope and a scalpel. Sound the air-raid siren to call him to the truck. As a kid I always thought that there’d be a better way.
  • Trained in Sidney, did an exchange in Cape Town, back to Australia, then doing surgery, saw an opportunity around interventional radiology back in mid-80s.
  • Did exchange programme in London’s Hammersmith. They did away with old x-rays on lightboxes, but went for digitalized x-rays. Moved to Cambridge, then back to Perth doing cranial work, then on to Stanford. From there back to Australia.
  • Went to the bush and did a locum for an Irish doctor. 11th November 1995. My job: do 48 ultrasounds in 48degree Celsius on the back of the truck.
  • Diabetic issues leading to too large babies, imperiling life of baby and mother in aboriginal mothers.

Crisis at patient no. 38 ultrasound with mother no. 38: hydatidiform molar pregnancy: Hysterectomy required. Huge social implications.

Crisis no. 39: same appearances.  Felt very isolated from peers, support, second opinions.

Had to call the Flying Doctors….

If in doubt, Fly it Out.

Wanted to deliver diagnostic care at point of care. There was a huge gap between patients and healthcare sector.

Like to build a telemedicine network.

I thought it’d take 3 weeks… and here I am 17 years later!

Western Australia

Western Australia: 650,000 people, 2.5M sq KM, 4 times the size of Texas. Built the network. Can now send an image of any format pretty much anywhere in the world. Old way: only one exposure on the light box. Now: information rich changed the way we delivered care in the bush. Built enterprise wide solution that enabled linked up delivery of care. It worked.

  • Challenges: had no money but health minister took a punt, did a pilot.
  • Then Mobile US Unit, got the start.
  • Evolved bit by bit the very small telemedicine ecosystem. Cut out large travel for basic diagnostics.
  • It’s a Mobile Desktop to Desktop global solution.
  • 395 staff at point of company exit last week. Wonderful staff.

We were not afraid to embrace technology… and drove the change ourselves.

Test: the Royal Flying Doctors service for rural diagnostics ony about a third of what it was then.

Royal Flying Doctors of Australia

Problem: We had to sell or scale. Corporatisation. Lot of traditional private practices taken over by P&L driven corporate GP entities.

So build a virual enterprise of global medical expertise.

  • Markets: Aus, UK, Ireland. Merged with Centric Health.
  • In Ireland in use in SwiftCare Dundrum.
  • In hospital from 9 days to 10 hours
  • A&E 20 days to minutes
  • Auditing Performance: Clincia Data, operational data, financial data.
  • Intangible benefits: outcomes based, wellnesss.

Dashbord: 3.5K patients a day, spin it through a web based portal. Massive equipment needs to be made redundant.

Problem now: diagnotisc imaging is the fastest gorwing physician service… but who pays? Being commotised.

Challenge: get diagnostics OUT of the hospitals, keep people out of hospitals, the guardian matriarch of that … is the mother of the family.

Drivers of the future: use informatics and rapid personalized mobile solutions to keep them out of hiospital. Doctors have ALWAYS thought they’re the drivers of healthcare. They’re not!

The future: INNOVATION.

Lessons learned:

  • It’s hard.
  • It gets harder.
  • We need help to build the dream.

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